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After become hot item in last 2015, Boro return again as hot item in early 2017. The term, Boro is derived from japanese boroboro, meaning something tattered or repaired. Or the textile that have been mended or patches together. Boro thus came to predominately signity clothing worn by the peasant farming class, who mended their garments with spare fabric scrapes out of economic necessity. In many cases, the usage of such a Boro garment would be handed down over generation, oventually resembling a patchwork after decades of mending. Now Boro become aesthetic technic used in garment.

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Plenty of fashion trends have recently sprung up from the Spring 2017 fashion week runways, forecasting what’s to come in the fashion world for the months ahead.

Japanese boro inspirations drive new patch and repair detailing forward for men’s shirts. Focus is on handcrafted looks with a composition of fabric laser print , fabric shade. Hand-stitching techniques with natural thread add an authentic finish.

Egome collection launch similar style like junya watanabe boro shirt. Patches with shade variation from denim fabric, printed with laser, finished with stitch-work,and then bleached.