I’m sure a lot of you have noticed a trend that’s ben creeping up on us a few months now…frayed  and undone release hem.  From street fashion to celebrity wear them. We can see abundance of those jeans in store like reply, 7 jeans, zara all these brands are always at forefront of fashion .

Sumber :

We have been seeing frayed  and undone hems for quite some time now, it have various shape of frayed hem, even bottom slit. That realy cool and it’s definitely a trend. Now, we can see some celebrities wearing jeans with frayed hem, to get some styling inspiration and see how much this denim trend is actually taking off right now.  They might even incorporate it into shorts or skirts . The possibilities  seem endless with denim.

Egome dare to take step a head for this trend .  Frayed seen in several item for summer 2017. It perform in pants, skirt and short.  Can be checked out from below picture frayed hem and undone release hem.  They must have item for this summer and still become trend for years  ahead.


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