Popular and beyond.

A denim on a mission. Mission to bring humanity a new chapter in the history of the greatest cultural fabrics ever known to mankind. A chapter of one hard passion of ‘denimism’ envisioned with a very sincere goal; to be loved and craved in all civilizations.

Egome started with one definite step, to be able to produce very distinct denim fabrics with exclusive character. Fabrics of which since its very first phase as cotton undergo a complex and complicated process to become layers of denim. This capability fundamentally differentiates Egome from the rest of its kind.

Combine with its own original cut & authentic wash, Egome’s passion manifests into fashion and clothing adequate to popular culture.

Essentially Egome renders every soul a distinct expression of personal taste in a very private manner.

By staying relevant to the unfolding culture, Egome products will also be evolving in a tasty mode to the ever-changing trend. This is the way of Egome in nurturing its values while cheerfully carrying out its mission with mankind. Liberal – original – cultural – contemporary – exclusive – individual – quality – passion – sincere – global.