Egome products are designed in collaboration between British, Spanish and Indonesian designers. The products are locally made in Indonesia.

Egome was founded by one of the domestic entrepreneurs in cooperation with principal partners from the UK and Spain.

Egome was officially introduced on 25th February 2015.

Our creative team consists of deeply passionate and talented denim designers from the UK, Spain and Indonesia.

Egome products are made of premium fabrics from Indonesia, Asia and Europe.

Egome’s price is relatively higher, but not more expensive. The raw material which Egome uses is always the premium one, the best in the industry. The production process follows a very high standard and many of them involving handmade craftsmanship with decades of experience. Each item is not only authentically and originally designed, but also produced in limited numbers. Should we take a closer look, each fabric of Egome has a distinct look which is specially designed to create unique and rich denim. In short, Egome product is not an expensive product but a valuable one.

We don’t specify our competitors. Egome is the only Indonesian denim brand that uses premium materials with a high standard involving many handmade works. With a very rich contemporer and original design collections produced in limited number, Egome is not just a product but also a mission to return the high value of denim tradition as an important element of popular culture especially to modern, multi culture and multi dimension society.

The difference between Egome and others is the commitment to create the best denim. This strong commitment is demonstrated through the selection high quality premium fabric, stitching and detailing, sophisticated washing technology, and the latest style with a unique look to express the specialty of each individual. Egome also has a variety of fitting to cater different body types and to fulfill the comfort and look of the user.

Our product uses international sizing standard.

We have a workshop studio in the store for alteration. Moreover, we also offer customized denim. Customer can choose the fabric, accessories, and types of washing according to their own taste assisted by our fashion consultant.

Egome’s new collections are released every 2 months.

Our staff will always recheck the product before customers proceed with payment to make sure that all products purchased by the customers are in good conditions. If any damage/defective items are found within 1 week of the purchase, the items will be replaced with the same product. On the condition that the damaged/defective items are still brand new with hangtag attached and unworn.

Customers may change to the correct size. Or we also provide alteration service for each product purchased from us without any extra fee.

There is a care label attached on each of our product. We highly recommend the customers to read and follow the instructions. If needed, our consultant can assist the customers by giving more specific suggestions.

All right, we will keep your choice of clothing for 24 hours. Please inform your name and phone number that we can contact.

We will check the availability of the product. Please inform us your name and phone number that we can contact. We will get back to you on the next working day. In the case we need to reproduce it, the production will take 1-2 weeks, depends on the design and the fabric. You also need to pay in advance.

Pardon us, Sir/Ma’am, our customized products can only be made using materials from Egome.

The range is varied depends on the material and the chosen detail. The price will be higher than the ready-to-wear collections. However, the experience and the satisfactory will be much more special.

We don’t offer any online purchase just yet. But you can check our collections at www.egomedenim.com. Please call us to check the availability of the product you like and we can help you by keeping the item for 24 hours.

Sure, we can help you find the match from our collections. Would you like our consultant to assist you? It’s fun and free. You can call us to make an appointment.

Periodically, we will have special programs for those who have been registered as the Egome Society member.

Egome Society is the membership that can be attained after a single purchase of Egome product. There is no membership fee.

Egome Society members will get a lot of privileges such as limited offer, early viewing program, and many other interesting programs. Information on these programs will be informed periodically by email, social media, or direct invitations.


Ph. 021-720 3752

Email hi@egomedenim.com

IG: @egomedenim_id